Professional Salon Care Conditioner 99.56% Natural | Silicone-free Get naturally salon-gorgeous hair and intensive care in a bottle our Professional Salon Care Conditioner. Powered with a natural blend of moisturizing and protective ingredients, say goodbye to dull, damaged tresses and say hello to hair that is vibrant and strong against breakage. Its silicone-free formulation smoothens your hair naturally, and it's enriched with the goodness of avocado oil, sunflower oil, and sugar beet extract to make your hair silky and touchably soft. Why go silicone-free? Many hair products such as conditioners contain silicone to make hair smooth. Silicone is a substance that coats your hair like plastic and can prevent your hair from absorbing as much nutrients it can get. We chose not to use silicone on our Salon Care line so that your hair style and color will last longer to save you maintenance trips to the stylist. Now that's a salon-smart move! 500ml: 65mmx65mmx216mm