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Nourishing toner 100% Natural | For normal or sensitive skin Does your skin react badly to everything you put on it? Don't worry, our Nourishing Face Toner has got you covered! It's 100% natural and free from harsh chemicals, synthetic preservatives and alcohol which are no-no's for sensitive skin. Plus, it has tomato extract that keeps your skin clear, hydrated and sting-free. But the goodness doesn’t end there. It also preps your skin for what should come next – moisturizing! The end result? Nothing but fresh, soft and breathtakingly smooth skin. 200ml: 47mmx47mmx160mm 100ml: 37mmx37mmx132mm
N Nourishing Toner
N Natural
T Toner
S Skin Care
1 100ml
2 200ml
C Cruelty Free
1 100% No Harmful Chemicals
F Fair Trade
S Sustainably Produced
463 Commonwealth Ave, 1119