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Strengthening Conditioner 99.5% Natural | Silicone-free Give your hair a double dose of strength with our Natural Strengthening Conditioner in tandem with our Natural Strengthening Shampoo. 100% free from harmful chemicals and infused with hydrolyzed wheat protein, it helps fortify hair strands to reduce both breakage and hair fall. A rich fusion of sunflower, avocado and soybean oil keeps your hair healthy, soft, and shiny with less tangles to worry about. Available in Cool Peppermint (with cooling sensation) and Soothing Aloe scents 500ml: 65mmx65mmx216mm 200ml: 77mmx50mmx177mm 50ml: 43mmx26mmx100mm
S Strengthening Conditioner
C Conditioner
N Natural
S Silicone-free
C Cruelty Free
F Fair Trade
S Sustainably Produced
463 Commonwealth Ave, 1119