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Air Fresheners and Repellants
Peppermint Oil Ant Warder 100% Natural | Ant Warder Keep your home clean and fresh naturally with our new Natural Peppermint Oil. Help repel ants in a safe and natural way by adding to 2-3 drops of Natural Peppermint Oil in surfaces. Ideal for use under kitchen sinks, on countertops, window sills and doorways where ants pass through. Freshen your upholstery by mixing Natural Peppermint Oil with baking soda and sprinkling on furniture before vacuuming Mask odors by sprinkling a few drops on cotton balls and keeping them in laundry bins Did You Know? Peppermint is a natural hybrid of water mint and spearmint, making it one of the most potent members of the mint family. Peppermint Oil's minty aroma is strong enough for freshening living spaces. *Our Natural Peppermint Oil was formulated for home surfaces. Please do not apply directly on skin.
P Peppermint Oil Ant Warder
O Oil
N Natural
1 100% No Harmful Chemicals
C Cruelty Free
S Sustainably Produced
F Fair Trade
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